Valley Waste Wins AFIG Grant for CNG Station


This week, Governor Tom Wolf announced that Valley Waste Service has been awarded an Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant (AFIG) for $400,000. This grant will be used to build a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fueling station at Valley Waste's location.

Compressed natural gas is a cleaner alternative to diesel or gasoline fuel for our fleet. Using CNG as fuel allows us to take advantage of the gases produced by Seneca Landfill, which are refined into a clean, usable type of natural gas. This station will be owned by Valley Waste Service and will be available to the general public.

The primary goals of the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program are to improve Pennsylvania’s air quality and reduce consumption of imported oil through the use of alternative fuels that will help Pennsylvania’s economy and environment. DEP accepts applications for innovative, advanced fuel and vehicle technology projects, resulting in a cleaner and greener transportation sector in Pennsylvania. The AFIG Fund was established under Act 166 of 1992 and is administered by DEP’s Office of Policy.

“Through the AFIG program, DEP is continuing to diversify the vehicles and fueling options in Pennsylvania, and reduce air pollution from vehicles,” said Governor Wolf. “These grants will not only help put more alternative fuel vehicles on the road, but also expand the infrastructure needed to make alternative fuel vehicles more viable for Pennsylvania businesses and families.”